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Claude, Japan


Claude (Japan) NUCB International Junior and Senior High School (NIHS)

We are joined today by Claude, who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2023 from our sister school NUCB International Junior & Senior High School.

Claude (named after French painter Claude Monet) was born in Boston Massachusetts and lived in the U.S until middle school. He loves the diverse environment of NUCB as it feels he is  studying abroad even though he is in Japan.

What made you choose the Global BBA Program?

There are many advantages of progressing though NUCB (Entrance Fee/Tuition) through the affiliated school admissions system. I chose the Global BBA program because I wanted to take the first step toward becoming a consultant by acquiring business skills, which are essential knowledge for employment and my future career.

I'm also keen on pursuing a double degree in France, reconnecting with my roots. The idea of studying abroad fascinates me, as it offers a chance to explore the cultural contrasts across Asia, the U.S., and Europe, and to delve into the variations in business perspectives.

Are you part of any on campus activities?

I am part of the on campus language exchange program. I already knew some French from high school, and I wanted to keep learning for my future studies in France. Since I'm good at Japanese, I teach it to my partner for 45 minutes, and then we dive into learning French. It's a good way to connect with others and get ready for my adventure abroad!

What do you think of the Case Method?

The case method of learning has truly intrigued me. It's a fresh approach, where real-world problems are tackled logically and deepened through discussions. What's particularly appealing is the chance to engage with classmates from around the globe. This helps me see things from a broader, less Japan-centric perspective.

During my high school days, I had the privilege of attending NUCB lectures once a week due to our school's affiliation as well as being part of the NUCB International Colleges Summer School. This early exposure to case studies, a year before university, has been a game-changer. Now that I'm here, I confidently contribute to class discussions, thanks to that early advantage.