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Laura, Brazil


Laura (Brazil) Colegio Sagrado Coracao de Jesus, Brazil

We are joined today by Laura, who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2023. Laura has diverse experiences, having lived in Brazil, USA, and Japan.

She is currently staying in one of our international dormitories (Meito Dormitory) and has really enjoyed meeting both full-time students as well as our exchange students on campus.

What do you think of the diversity of NUCB - students and professors?

Studying at NUCB has been a truly inspiring experience, largely attributed to the remarkable diversity that both students and professors contribute to the academic environment. Engaging with individuals from around the world has significantly expanded my perspectives.

NUCB's exceptional feature lies in its ability to bring together people from various nationalities, offering me the chance to interact with a multitude of cultures. Each day, I am surrounded by a vibrant blend of cultures that consistently offers unique and enriching experiences. This exposure not only enriches my classroom education but also provides deep insights into different aspects of our global community.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

I've really come to admire and appreciate the course "Law and the Environment," especially because it's taught by my favorite professor, Anthony Townley. I was genuinely excited about diving into this subject. Exploring topics that connect so closely to my love for animals and the environment has been incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

Not only has this course helped me explore things I deeply care about, but it's also sparked many conversations about my own country and exposed me to a bunch of different viewpoints. It's given my academic journey a whole new dimension and made me feel more connected to these important issues.

Professor Townley brought so much passion to his teaching that it really motivated me. His approach, combined with my own keen interest, made it easy to grasp and engage with the material. That's why this course stands out as a special and memorable part of my education – definitely my favorite one so far.