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Lisa (USA)


Lisa (USA) Kadena High School, Okinawa

Lisa is a first-year student who joined our Global BBA program in Fall 2023. Lisa was raised both in the U.S. and Japan. She was living in beautiful Okinawa before joining NUCB, and she has travelled all over the world since young. Read more to learn about her new life as a NUCB student.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Lisa Alexis Campos, I was born in South Carolina and was raised in both America and Japan. I have spent a total of 7 years in Japan, three years in Yamaguchi prefecture and 4 years in Okinawa. My father is in the American military which gave me the opportunity to travel and broaden my cultural horizon.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

In the 7 years that I have lived in Japan I have fallen in love with the country. From how safe and clean the streets are to how friendly and accepting the people are. I also like how affordable education is in Japan compared to America. And lastly I appreciate the slow environment that Japan offers. Everything is very relaxed here.

Where did you first hear of NUCB? What made you choose the Global BBA Program? How was the application process?

My mother was actually the first person that found NUCB. I had expressed to her that I wanted to study in Japan and preferably near Kyoto. So my mother researched what schools would accept my American benefits and NUCB was the closest to all of my qualifications. I chose the Global BBA program because I wanted to start my own publishing company here in Japan. The application process was very smooth, I was able to fill out and upload most of my documents without any problems. I also appreciate that the application included an interview so that the faculty can get to know me on a more personal basis.

What is your impression of the Case Study Method? Did you have any experience at high school with this style?

Before NUCB I had no experience with Case Study Method. It is not really taught in American schools because the Case Study Method is heavily focused on class discussion which is not as important in America. Although I have no experience with the Case Study Method it has left a very positive impression on me. I really love how it is very participation oriented and hands on approach.

What has been your favorite class / professor / case so far and why?

Being a very creative person I really liked the Design Thinking class with Prof. Goi. Both the class and professor gave me the opportunity to express my creativity and showcase it for my peers.

How will the case method / NUCB network help you for your future?

I feel that the NUCB network is important to the future success in my career path. If in the future a company would like a recommendation I know that I can turn to NUCB’s faculty for help.

Are you working part-time or planning to?

I am not currently working but I am planning to do an internship in the next year. I would love to start getting some experience in the field that I want to eventually work and innovate in.

What do you do in your free time before/after class and on weekends?

On the weekends I love to bake, I love it so much that I even bought a small oven for my dorm just so I can bake. My specialties are cookies and brownies.

Are you part of any clubs or language exchange?

I am currently enrolled in the art club. While the club is not very foreigner oriented I am planning on trying to get more international students involved. If enough foreign students also enroll into the art club then I hope it will become more appealing to international students.

Left: Pet apparel brand logo for Business Law class - by Lisa
Right: NUCB inspired Maple Leaf mascot - by Lisa

Are you taking Japanese lessons - how is your language coming on?

I am planning on taking private Japanese lessons to supplement my classes offered by my degree program. I mostly want to accelerate my Japanese learning because I want to live and work japan so it is very important that I get to an N1 level.

Are you thinking of doing an exchange or double degree?

I am not planning on doing a double degree but I am planning on doing an exchange in South Korea. I really want to go for exchange there because it is the second biggest producer of manga (Manwha in South Korea).

What do you think of the diversity of NUCB?

I think there is a very nice diversity in NUCB. For students I have met students from places that I have never even heard of before. But despite our cultural differences I have many friends from many different places. For Professors there is much diversity not only in race but also in background. I really like how many of my professors have real world business experience.

Do you have any advice for those considering NUCB?

Some advice that I would give for those considering NUCB would be to get ready for a slight cultural change. It is important to understand that Nagoya is not a busy city like Tokyo. Nisshin in particular is a very small district about an hour away from Nagoya. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle every day, maybe this is not the right place for you. But if you are like me and want a peaceful environment I highly recommend NUCB.