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Ketlin, Brazil


Ketlin, Mie Prefectural Iino High School

Today we are joined by Ketlin from Brazil, who joined the Global BBA program in Spring 2022 from Mie Prefectural Iino High School in Japan. She has been living in Japan since age two, and speaks three languages (English, Portuguese, Japanese).

Why did you want to study at NUCB?

I had a tour of the Nisshin campus and a case method demonstration class with my high school.

After that I researched more about NUCB on the schools web site and I found the Global BBA program which interested me a lot because I wanted to study entirely in English. The application process was smooth because all my questions were answered very quickly.

What do you think of the Case Method?

My first experience with the Case Study method was here in NUCB. I think the teaching style is very innovative and interesting. We can share many ideas and learn about a lot of things in one class with people from all over the world. My favorite class so far has been the Introduction to BBA taught by Professor Ricardo Lim. The class covers  probabilities, hypothesis, correlation and a lot of numbers. I am not so good at mathematics but the way the professor taught was very dynamic and easy to understand.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

The cafeteria is a very good place to meet friends and have lunch, the food is not so expensive and very generous.

What dormitory are you in, what do you think of it?

I'm in the Sanbongi Dormitory. The dorm was renovated in 2022, so I had the pleasure to have a brand new room. The room is very comfortable.  I am also working at the Family Mart convenience store next to the dorm.