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Sahla, India


Sahla (India), India International School Japan

We caught up with Sahla on campus to learn about her experience so far on the Global BBA Program at NUCB after studying her CBSE's in Tokyo at Indian International School in Japan (IISJ).

Where did you first hear of NUCB? What do you think so far?

I first learned about NUCB when an admissions representative came for a high school seminar sometime before it was time for me to start applying to universities.

I chose the Global BBA Program because it allowed me to better understand and learn about case study-based learning, which is especially helpful as it gives a practical experience as though you are the one making the decisions. The application process was better than I had anticipated it to be. I was able to overcome any obstacles that had arisen because there was always faculty on standby to assist me with their prompt responses to any emails I had sent.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

Design Thinking with Professor Goi is my favorite class so far because it allows me to be creative and broadminded while working on group projects. This class keeps you on your toes because the projects are not what you would expect. The class discussions are enjoyable, and it's interesting to hear the various points of view from your classmates.

What dormitory are you currently in?

I live in the Sanbongi Dormitory. Personally, I like it because it is not far from the university, only a short cycle or walk away, and the residence has convenience stores nearby. The living quarters are also adequate for the price, spacious, comfy and good especially if you intend to cook for yourself.