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Reza, Indonesia


Reza (Indonesia), Bangkok Prep, Thailand

Reza from Indonesia, studied his A-Levels in Thailand at Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School. He has joined multiple clubs at NUCB and was selected as a Mentor for the NUCB International College (Boarding School), International House. We caught up with him to see why he chose the Global BBA Program.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

I was actually born in Japan, and lived here for about 2-years. My dad often comes to Japan for work (Toyota) and always brings back snacks or souvenirs for our family. Japanese culture has always intrigued me due to its uniqueness. I also love Japanese food.

I’ve always wanted to come back to Japan, and I thought to myself why not come here for university? So then, I opened Japan as one of my destinations for university, and my school counselor actually recommended NUCB.

Are you part of any clubs on campus?

I participate in the American Football club and Basketball club. My whole life I’ve always liked doing sports, and I have played basketball since elementary school.

When I came to NUCB and heard there was an American Football team I was immediately interested. I’ve never played the sport before but I’ve always admired it and wanted to learn more about it. I still do basketball at the school but I only go once a week, mainly because I want to focus more on American football. My teammates are amazing, they are really friendly, and helpful, and always motivate me to get better.

What dormitory are you in?

I live in the brand new International House at NUCB International College as a mentor. The facility is really nice and modern, the food is really tasty and it doesn’t require me to cook. The high school students are also awesome, and I try my best to help them be the best version of themselves.