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Giacomo, Italy


Giacomo (Italy) Istituto di istruzione superiore E. DeAmicis, Italy

Giacomo became the first full-time Italian student on the Global BBA program joining in Spring 2023. He has quickly become an integral part of our community and is thoroughly enjoying life in Japan, taking part in language exchange as well as freelancing part-time using his designing skills. We caught up with him to ask about life at NUCB and what he enjoys on the Nisshin Campus.

Why did you decide to study in Japan and at NUCB?

I chose the Global BBA program for several significant reasons, with the foremost being the case method and the diverse subjects covered in its various courses. After conducting extensive research, I determined that the Global BBA program offered by NUCB aligns perfectly with my academic and personal goals.

The primary factor that influenced my decision to enroll in this program was the case method. It's not just about the preparation for each case; it encompasses a much broader approach. I firmly believe that the Case Method provides an inclusive environment for individuals to engage, exchange ideas, and acquire knowledge and experiences from both fellow students and professors.

What has been your favorite class?

So far, my favorite class has been Introduction to Economics, with Professor Dan Qin. I really enjoyed the class because of the intellectual commitment it requires. Not only from a theoretical point of view but also from a human point of view. Having to reflect on the various problems that afflict current society is not only stimulating but also a good starting point for creating and improving one's ideas and thoughts.

What dormitory are you in, what do you think of it?

I currently live in the Sanbongi dormitory. In my opinion, the rooms are large enough to live in comfort. A considerable advantage is the proximity to the school, as well as the main convenience stores which are all within walking distance of the dormitory. The most beautiful quality is certainly the community of students who live in the dormitory, which all help me to appreciate my stay.

Are you thinking of doing an international exchange?

I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of attending one of the numerous partner schools associated with NUCB. These institutions span across the globe and many of them boast a prestigious reputation. It's an invaluable opportunity to interact with students and professors in diverse settings, aligning with NUCB's objective of broadening students' horizons.

Personally, I am particularly drawn to the idea of studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong or Shanghai Jiao Tong University. These options align well with my academic interests and aspirations.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

The Sora Cafe is definitely my favorite among the various facilities offered on campus. Some days I spend a lot of time in the cafeteria, both to study and to meet fellow students and do language exchanges. Lunch is also an excellent alternative to eating at home, being rather cheap, good, and quick. In addition to the cafeteria, among the various services, the library is an excellent place to study, watch films or simply read a book in peace.

What kind of student excels at NUCB?

Anyone who is open to listening and engaging in discussions with others will undoubtedly thrive at the school and with the case method. Independence and rigor are undoubtedly crucial aspects that define academic success. When you can blend creativity and abstract thinking with discipline, you are bound to achieve excellent results.