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Yee Mon, Myanmar


Yee (Myanmar), BEHS 6, Pathein

Yee Mon, a Global BBA student from Myanmar joined us for an interview recently and told us about her experiences at NUCB so far. Yee Mon joined us in the 2023 Fall Semester, and has been enjoying her daily life in Japan. She expressed her admiration for the teaching methods at NUCB, highlighting the case study approach that has enhanced her practical skills and understanding.

What attracted you to Japan and NUCB?

Growing up, I watched Japanese anime, which left me with a strong impression of Japan and made it a top choice for my study abroad destination.I studied Japanese at home and did some research on Japanese universities that offered English-track programs. My acquaintance informed me about NUCB and its GBBA program. I applied to NUCB because of its stunning campus, case-method learning, AACSB accreditation, and less crowded location.

Having recently joined the Global BBA Program, have you found the adjustment easy?

To be honest, I'm still getting used to the lectures and concepts. The main barrier is my language ability, which prevents me from catching up on all of the professors' lectures at once. This makes me realize that I must exert effort not only in class but also through self-study and revision in order to turn these challenges into interesting trials and my study abroad experience to be enjoyable and stress-free. One thing I am grateful for is that my professors were aware of my situation and are supportive.

What has been one of your favorite classes so far and why?

All classes are excellent, and the professors are pleasant and attentive to students' concerns. I enjoy all of my classes, but if I had to pick one, it would be Professor Eddie's Introduction to Management. He appears to be at ease and makes the classroom enjoyable and attentive. He occasionally brings some lecture-related materials to make the case study more visually appealing and interesting.

What are some of the differences and similarities between your home country and Japan in terms of education, lifestyle, and values?

It has been nearly a month since I arrived here, and what distinguishes Japan from my home country is that the elderly here are truly surprising. They appear to be independent and healthy for their age. They take the bus and ride their bikes by themselves. In my country, we don’t normally see that, and the elderly tend to have a family member by their side to care for them.

What are some of the challenges and opportunities of studying in a multicultural environment at NUCB?

Being open-minded, in my opinion, is one of the keys to overcoming challenges and becoming adaptable while living or studying in a multicultural environment. We value diversity in our classroom, which gives us the opportunity to learn about different and unique cultures, customs, and perspectives. Furthermore, when we discuss some case studies in comparison to the situation in each other's country, we can explore valuable and diverse perspectives.

How do you think you will benefit from the case method teaching approach at NUCB?

The teaching method used here is participant-centered. Students must read the lecture cases ahead of time, and I appreciate how everyone's open-minded viewpoint is presented and respected. I believe I will become more independent and interactive, as well as gain business knowledge and be able to analyze how some industries survive and thrive.

What are your career goals after graduating from NUCB?

After graduation, my ambition is to work in a well-known animation studio such as Pixar Animation Studio and Disney. It is notoriously difficult and competitive to get hired in those studios, but who knows, maybe I'll get a job in the Business Affairs department or the Marketing team.