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Shisoori (Korea)


Shisoori (Korea), Enderun Colleges, Taguig

Shisoori is a first-year student who joined our Global BBA program in Fall 2023. Born in Japan as a Korean citizen, she loves what Japan has to offer and has chosen to pursue her studies here. Read more to get to know the reasons that motivated her to choose NUCB, her student life, and mid-term plans.

Please introduce yourself

I am Shisoori Han, a Korean citizen born in Japan and raised in the Philippines. I am a transferee from one of the best Business schools in the Philippines, Enderun Colleges. Currently, I am enrolled in the Global BBA Program at NUCB, bringing a rich blend of cultural influences to my academic journey.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

The allure of Japan, with its deeply rooted culture of respect, organization, and good food (Ramen and Yakiniku!), captivated me. At the same time, being a third-generation Japanese, my parents encouraged me to connect with my roots, and I am eager to experience and embrace the unique blend of tradition and modernity that Japan offers.

Where did you first hear of NUCB? What made you choose the Global BBA Program? How was the application process?

My journey with NUCB began during my search for a reputable business school in Japan. NUCB stood out because of its triple crown accreditation, and the Global BBA Program particularly caught my attention for its international recognition.

The program aligns perfectly with my career aspirations and personal interests. And the application process, while initially I thought it would be intimidating, was remarkably smooth and easy due to the highly helpful and accommodating International Affairs/Admissions Team because they answered my endless queries so fast and guided me all throughout the process.

What do you do in your free time before/after class and on weekends?

During my free time, I explore different parts of Japan with friends. I also like going to Nagoya's entertainment district, Sakae, on  Friday and Saturday to explore what the city has to offer. Trying various Japanese foods and experiencing the diversity of the country adds an exciting dimension to my cultural exploration.

What dormitory are you in, what do you think of it?

I currently reside in Meito dormitory, a choice I find ideal due to its convenient access to Nagoya's city areas. My favorite part of the dorm is the community lounge because it is where my friends and I hangout a lot. And most importantly, the dorm's proximity to a supermarket (MaxValu), located just 3 minutes away, and various restaurants (Umaya ramen, Coco curry, etc.) and convenience stores within less than a kilometer, significantly enhances the overall living experience.

Are you thinking of doing an exchange or double degree?

Yes. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of participating in an exchange program with NUCB’s partner schools, with my eye set on experiencing academic life in France. This opportunity not only promises to take me out of my comfort zone but also exposes me to different cultural backgrounds, providing a valuable advantage in my future career. The added bonus of travel makes this an experience I wouldn't want to miss.

What kind of student excels at NUCB?

At NUCB, students who excel are those actively participating in class discussions, unafraid to express their thoughts. The emphasis on open communication and good interpersonal skills is evident, helping students grow beyond shyness and fostering a culture of open dialogue.