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Vinayak (India)


Vinayak (India), Oberoi International School, India

Vinayak is a first-year student from India in NUCB's Global BBA program, who joined our campus community in Fall 2023. Join him on his journey as he shares insights into dorm life, academic endeavors, and the vibrant community that cultivates growth and connection on our campus in Japan.

What has been your favorite class / professor / case so far and why?

My most enriching experience at NUCB has been the 'Doing Business in Japan' course led by Prof. Hakeem Muhammad Mohsin. His expertise and engaging teaching style made each session a revelation. Through real-world case studies, we explored Japan's economic history and successful business models, fostering critical thinking and a deeper understanding of Japanese business culture.

One standout case was 'Globalizing Japan’s Dream Machine: Recruit Holdings,' which vividly illustrated company trust and Japanese corporate culture. Additionally, Prof. Goi's 'Design Thinking' course offered hands-on projects addressing global challenges, blending theory with practical experience. These courses not only broadened my knowledge but also ignited a passion for innovation. NUCB's commitment to experiential learning ensures students are equipped for success in today's dynamic global landscape.

What kind of student excels at NUCB?

Excelling at NUCB is a journey marked by curiosity, resilience, and proactive learning. Our approach to education emphasizes critical thinking, independent thought, and effective time management.
At NUCB, success is cultivated through a blend of inquisitiveness, time management, and a proactive mindset. While coursework is demanding, there's ample time for personal development, internships, and networking—an advantage over other universities. Building a positive reputation within our close-knit community enhances networking opportunities, a crucial skill in the business world. In the context of business education, analytical prowess and critical thinking are paramount. Subjects like statistics, economics, and accounting are essential for thriving at NUCB.

In summary, excelling at NUCB requires an open mind, dedication to consistent work, and a readiness to embrace diverse perspectives. Our environment fosters growth, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the business world.

What dormitory are you in, what do you think of it?

I'm currently residing in the Sanbongi Campus Dormitory, valued for its convenience and supportive community. Proximity to the university simplifies student life in Japan. The dorm's supportive atmosphere has been invaluable, especially as I navigate life in a new country. Whether it's seeking advice on Japanese customs or resolving dorm-related issues, there's always someone willing to help. The dorm manager's warm welcome and helpfulness add to the sense of security and comfort.

While the area may lack entertainment services, basic amenities like a convenience store, pharmacy and a clinic are conveniently located nearby. For more grocery shopping or transportation needs, there's a supermarket and station within a 30-minute walk. Despite these limitations, I've come to appreciate the simplicity of dorm life. The tight-knit community fosters frequent interactions and connections, making it easy to form friendships with fellow business students who share common interests.

Affordability is another highlight of the Sanbongi Dormitory, offering ample space at a reasonable cost compared to other options. Overall, it's not just a place to stay, but a vibrant community where students can thrive and forge lasting connections.