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Ian (Jamaica/Sweden)


Ian (Jamaica/Sweden)

Ian is a first-year student who joined our Global BBA program in Fall 2023. Ian was raised in Peru, and he is half-Jamaican and half-Swedish. Read more to find out about his student life at NUCB, future part-time job plans, and dormitory experience.

Please introduce yourself

Hello, my Name is Ian Johansson. I am half-Jamaican half-Swedish and I grew up in Peru.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

After a gap year post-high school, during which I visited Japan for a little while, the country captivated me like nowhere else.

Where did you first hear of NUCB? What made you choose the Global BBA Program? How was the application process?

NUCB came onto my radar thanks to my high school counselor, who had seen previous students embark on their educational journey there. As I explored my options, the Global BBA Program stood out. Its emphasis on discussion-based learning resonated deeply with me—I've always felt most alive in classrooms where ideas flow freely and collaboration fuels growth. The application process was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, but every step reaffirmed my conviction that NUCB was the perfect fit for my aspirations.

What is your impression of the Case Study Method? Did you have any experience at high school with this style?

The Case Study Method feels familiar to me because of my IB Psychology classes in high school. We'd dive into past experiments, discussing and understanding them. It wasn't just about memorizing facts; it was about connecting theory with real-life examples. This hands-on approach made learning more engaging and helped me see the practical side of what we studied.

What has been your favorite class / professor / case so far and why?

One class stands out among the rest: Introduction to Management with Professor Eddie Law. It's not just the subject matter that captivates me—though management fascinates me deeply—it's also Professor Law's engaging teaching style that brings the material to life. His blend of humor and insightful approach to instruction transforms each class session into an engaging journey of discovery.

How will the case method / NUCB network help you for your future?

The case method and the extensive NUCB network offer invaluable resources for shaping my future endeavors. By dissecting past business triumphs and failures, I gain crucial insights into the intricate workings of entrepreneurship. This understanding equips me with the wisdom to navigate the complexities of the business world and lays the foundation for my aspirations of creating my own company.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the Gymnasium. It's not just a place to break a sweat; it's where friendships are forged and memories made. Whether it's a spirited game of basketball with friends or a solo session to blow off steam, the Gymnasium is my go-to retreat after lunch.

Ian giving a speech as representative of the international students during our 2024 Entrance Ceremony

Are you working part-time or planning to?

I'm considering taking on a part-time job this semester, possibly at a convenience store or McDonald's. It seems like a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and earn some extra cash while I'm here in Japan.

What do you do in your free time before/after class and on weekends?

My schedule is pretty packed with American Football club practices on certain days after class and weekends. On days when I don't have practice, you'll likely find me exploring the city with friends, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and discovering hidden gems.

What dormitory are you in, what do you think of it?

I live in Sanbongi Campus dormitory, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. While it may be a bit of a trek from the city center, the tight-knit community within the dorm more than makes up for it. Having a circle of friends right at my doorstep means there's always someone to hang out with or share a meal.

Are you taking Japanese lessons - how is your language coming on?

Yes, I'm currently enrolled in Introductory Japanese 3-4, and I must say, it's been both enjoyable and challenging. My ultimate goal is to achieve a proficient level of Japanese proficiency by the time I graduate, both in speaking and writing.

What is one thing that surprised you the most after enrolling?

I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the campus looks in person. While the pictures were nice, being there in real life felt even better.