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Hasan, Libya


Hasan (Libya), UWC Isak Japan

Today we are joined by Hasan, who will be joining the Global BBA Program in Fall 2021. Hasan, from Libya, is eagerly awaiting his IB results after graduating from UWC ISAK Japan, an IB boarding school in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture.

Let’s find out more about his reasons for coming to Japan and choosing NUCB for his studies after receiving a full scholarship from the Nippon Foundation.

Why did you choose to come to Japan?

I have always been interested in studying abroad to learn more about different cultures. In my home country Libya, I did not get the chance to learn from other people's perspectives.

I first applied to the UWC selection committee in Libya, and there were only three available spaces for the UWC - Maastricht, China, and Japan. Many people apply for this opportunity and I was lucky to be accepted to join UWC Isak in Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture.

Can you tell us more about your experience as a high school student taking the IB Diploma?

When I first arrived, I knew nothing about Japan, and I was in awe of how green the country was. The UWC Isak Japan, like NUCB, is also known for its diversity. My classmates came from all over the world, including Macedonia, Jordan, Albania, Pakistan and of course Japan.

As a high school student on the IB Program, I was involved in two projects from my CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) - one project was helping students in Tajikistan search for universities and the other was creating a website and a map for sustainable tourism in Karuizawa.

You were awarded a fully funded scholarship from the Nippon Foundation. You could choose any university in Japan, why NUCB?

The Nippon foundation scholarship is only awarded to five students each year, and I am very grateful to receive such a fantastic scholarship. The Nippon Foundation will cover the tuition and living expenses for me so I can focus on my studies. The scholarship is given to students who will play an important role in the future of Japan and building bridges between other countries.

My close friend who graduated from ISAK in 2020 is currently studying at NUCB. She was the one who motivated me to apply. Firstly, NUCB is the only university in Japan that offers the Global BBA taught entirely in English. Secondly, NUCB uses the case method with students from all over the world which was the most appealing point to me. After studying on the IB I did not want to go back to traditional methods of learning of memorization and exams. From my perspective, the case method is the best way to learn as it is practical and I cannot wait to get started and meet my new classmates.

What are your future goals?

I definitely want to learn Japanese so I am looking forward to taking Professor Isono’s classes. I also want to join some of the clubs at NUCB such as soccer and the music village as I play the guitar. I would love to go on an overseas exchange program to Maastricht in the Netherlands and finally I want to start my own business. I know there are some students at NUCB who are entrepreneurs so I want to learn from them.