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Robert, Scotland/Indonesia

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Rob (Scotland/Indonesia), British School Jakarta (IB)

Today we are joined by Robert from Scotland/Indonesia, who joined the Global BBA program in Fall 2019 from the British School Jakarta.

Rob, who studied the IBDP at an international school in Jakarta, received the NUCB IBDP Scholarship, JASSO Honors, NUCB Housing and has worked part-time in Japan. Rob is also a leader in building communities and connecting students on campus.

Why did you choose Japan and NUCB for your studies?

I had originally applied to/accepted to nine universities, including the University of St Andrews (Scotland), University of Warwick (UK) Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), and the University of British Columbia (Canada).

As an IBDP student who enjoys more active methods of learning and a more participative environment, I chose NUCB because of its unique positioning as a business school: a Japan-based institution where I can learn Japanese, participate in active discussions, and experience something truly different.

Also, with the NUCB IBDP scholarship, the cost factor played its part as I believe some schools charge astronomical fees for a business degree, when for me, it is the experiences that count the most.

What have been some of your most memorable experiences to date?

There have been so many, but to name a few; coming 2nd place in the Mitsubishi Fuso case competition, Domestic Volunteer Program in Fukushima, part-time work to learn more about Japanese working culture, applying to the business plan competition and getting great feedback, as well as being involved in extra curricular activities both on and off campus.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Greater Nagoya and beyond?

I love Greater Nagoya for the fact that it is a perfect size. It is not too overwhelming and has everything you could need whilst also being centrally located for travel around Japan.

I love the fact that I live a 5-minute walk to an amazing ramen restaurant and that in Japan you simply cannot go wrong with food. Unlike Indonesia, transport is also great, so commuting to part-time work, for example, is 30 minutes and not 2 hours. Since moving out to rent with friends, I also enjoy being able to host things at home and exploring nearby parks as well as the occasional Karaoke night!

Despite not being fluent in Japanese, you have had a number of part-time jobs. Can you tell us more.

I've had four jobs, all required no Japanese ability: One English teaching job, one English conversation job, and a marketing consultant job. I've stopped them as of now as I am opting to focus more on school but they were great ways of networking as well as generating some income to keep myself afloat.

What teachers have you enjoyed learning from the most?

I really enjoy that there are professors with strong academic backgrounds, as well as those who have excellent working experience. Three professors that I would like to mention are Prof. Ray, Prof. Sandy Wong, and Prof. Goi.

With Prof. Ray, you can see his genuine passion for Human Resource Management and his caring for students. Prof. Sandy Wong has great working experience and it is nice to connect theory with her time working with giants such as Tommy Hilfiger, Japan Airlines, Shangri-La Hotel and so on. For Prof. Goi I think he takes learning to new heights and goes above and beyond to work with external stakeholders like in the fruits park for Design Thinking.

I would also like to give a special mention to Mr. Hayakawa and Ms. Kato in International Affairs for always looking out for the students, and arranging interesting diverse activities for us, such as the Noritake Experience.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now I am working on my case study as part of my graduation requirements. I am writing about Coinbase and the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's). I am also running a small independent business and hope to open my own t-shirt line using plant based fibers. During the winter break I am looking to go on an exchange to RSM in the Netherlands and hopefully find an internship there.

In the future I want to work in the web3 space and build upon my NFT community.