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Shubham, Nepal


Shubham (Nepal) Nagoya International School, Japan

We are joined today by Shubham from Nepal, who scored 34 points on his IB Diploma at Nagoya International School (NIS), earning him the NUCB IBDP tuition reduction scholarship. We interviewed him to learn more about why he chose to study his Global BBA with NUCB in Japan.

Why did you choose Japan for your studies?

I first came to Japan and lived in Okinawa between the ages of 3-6 as my father studied there for his doctorate. I then went back to Nepal but returned to Japan in the 10th grade to study the MYP and then IBDP at Nagoya International School (NIS).

I wanted to stay in Japan because I feel at home here, understand the culture and my family are here as my father works for the United Nations. In the future, I want to start my own business, so I thought it made sense that I stay in the country that I know most about.

What attracted you to the Global BBA program?

Firstly, there are only a few schools in Japan that offer a business program, and NUCB offers the BBA entirely in English. Also, one of the major attractive points was that the degree is AACSB accredited, so I was assured that my degree would be world recognized if I decide to go to another country after graduation.

How has the NUCB IBDP Scholarship and NUCB Housing Scholarship helped you?

It has been a great financial help for my family and has allowed me to study at NUCB. Also, although my family lives close by, having both the IBDP and housing scholarship has allowed me independence and freedom to live by myself.

I am staying at Sanbongi Campus, the male dorm where I get a private room, facilities and can ride my scooter to campus within a few minutes.

What has been your experience so far with the Case Method?

It's been really fun as it's so interactive. I feel that I get to express my opinion and rather than memorizing facts, the learning is practical for my future.

My favourite class so far has been Introduction to Management taught by Prof. Kenji Yokoyama. The cases are really interesting, learning about challenges of internationalization and competitive strategy.

Prof. Yokoyama is very friendly, and when I state my opinion he thinks about it and forms discussions around it.

How has the IBDP helped you transition to university life?

The transition has been very smooth because the IB revolves around projects and discussions. Also since I took Mathematics SL, I am already quite familiar with the math taught at the Introductory classes.

Also, since I took Japanese at high school, I have challenged myself to take the Intermediate class at NUCB, focusing on grammar and kanji.

What makes a good fit for the program?

An ideal student would be someone who is able to speak their mind, someone that is willing to have an open mindset and learn new things - even if it does not fit their ideology.