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Sharif, Sri Lanka

#Sri Lanka

Sharif, Sri Lanka (Private A-Level Candidate, Saudi Arabia)

Today we are joined by Sharif from Sri Lanka, who joined the Global BBA program in Spring 2022 as a private A-Level candidate living in Saudi Arabia.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

Coming from a Japanese ethnicity, Japan has always been a part of my life and therefore I wanted to start my life in Japan and explore my roots and enjoy a great university life as well.

What made you choose the Global BBA Program?

I must say NUCB is as great as it is portrayed on the website.

The accreditations NUCB has acquired over the years were reassuring of a quality business school. Also, the number of international students enrolled yearly at NUCB from around the world was attractive to me as I love to learn more about cultures other than mine.

Furthermore, the application process was very smooth, from the essays to the interviews.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

Everyone is very friendly and easy to understand, but if I had to choose a professor that I really like learning with, I would say Professor Dan Qin. His teaching method and enthusiasm is easy to flow with, plus Economics was my favorite subject in high school.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

I would say the classrooms are spacious and relaxing, therefore students can find it easy to study, plus the breakout rooms help facilitate students to share their ideas based on cases. Finally, the club rooms are convenient and fun.

Are you part of any clubs or language exchange?

I am a part of the K-POP dance circle. If you plan on applying for clubs at NUCB, please come and check out the K-POP dance circle! Secondly, the language exchange program is really fun, it's more like having a conversation with a friend, not pressurizing and you can learn a language and make lots of friends.

Have you been awarded any scholarships?

I have got the housing scholarship for the international dormitory - Sanbongi Campus, and the JASSO Honors Scholarship (576,000 JPY).

Do you have any advice for those considering NUCB?

The university is great, from the students to the staff and classmates, everyone is very helpful and friendly. Don’t be afraid during the application process, be confident and do your best. All the best! You can do it.