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Ruella, Philippines


Ruella, Philippines (Technological Institute of the Philippines)

Today we are joined by Ruella from the Philippines, who joined the Global BBA program in Fall 2021 from the Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

When my elder sister, who has been living in Japan for over 7 years, mentioned that I should come and study here, my other sister enthusiastically started looking for universities, even though I was still unsure about taking the opportunity. Everything happened quickly and I just found myself waiting for my application results without any backup plans in case I did not make it. To my luck, I got offered a slot at the university.

I had a simple and happy life back in my home country, having my family, friends, and pets around. I never even thought I would be studying and living far away from them. However, since I moved to Japan, I have always been grateful to be here as I have always loved the country in so many aspects - anime, cherry blossoms, foods, places, and people. I have also made a couple of friends!

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

I think all the professors are doing their jobs well, but I personally love Anthony Townley and Hideharu Isono's classes because they are fun and interactive.

We had Anthony for our Business Law course, and I really enjoyed participating in class, which is unusual because I tend to be shy most of the time. However, it was not the case with Anthony's course, as I was less anxious, given how he makes sure to accommodate everyone and encourages participation rather than just getting the correct answers.

Meanwhile, Isono-sensei, our Introductory Japanese instructor, is such an energetic professor. Thus, although learning Japanese gets complicated sometimes, especially Kanjis (which I am so bad at, by the way), I am at ease attending my Japanese classes because they are always exciting, and Isono's energy just fills the room.

Are you thinking of an exchange program or Double Degree?

Absolutely! It is one of my motivations. If given a chance, I would love to get a double degree or take an exchange in Canada or Europe.

Do you have any advice for those considering NUCB?

Although I had a proper education in my country, NUCB provides a higher quality and global education that could help me land decent jobs globally in the near future. Hence, I advise you to try it as the campus also has a perfect location, being surrounded by nature, and has comfortable facilities - the café, library, and classrooms.

The diversity is also great as you could get new perspectives from students or professors from different parts of the world. Lastly, if you haven't experienced Case Method before, it might be truly scary at first, especially since you have to talk in class and be really participative. But, over time, you will be fine. Just trust in yourself and make some friends, so it could be less stressful!