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Mikhael, Indonesia


Mikhael, Indonesia (Penabur International School Kelapa Gading)

Today we are joined by Mikhael from Indonesia, who joined the Global BBA program in Fall 2021 from Penabur International School Kelapa Gading in Jakarta.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

I want to learn the culture and how Japanese companies are very efficient in processing. I  want to implement Japanese efficiency into the family business so I can improve the overall revenue of the company when I go back to Indonesia.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

So far, professor Anthony Townley has been amazing with Introduction to Business Law. We dived into a lot of laws covering IP to ILO. This helped me have some technical knowledge of applying the law to a problem as well as researching each law to apply.

I also think the case method will help me identify further future problems, with very practical examples of real life situations. It also teaches what businesses usually do during critical moments, which I can implement in my future business.

Are you part of any clubs?

I'm in the Basketball Club and the entry was quite smooth.  After 1-year of learning Japanese, I now take the Advanced Speaking A. Japanese is definitely quite difficult, but as long as you try to actually communicate in Japanese, you’ll end up fine.