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Aileth, Mexico


Aileth, Mexico (NewPort High School, Mexico)

Today we are joined by Aileth from Mexico, who joined the Global BBA program in Fall 2021 from the NewPort High School, A Private Accelerated School. Aileth has settled in to life quickly in Japan, already joining the Aikido club and language exchange on campus.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

Seeing how serious business is in Japan and the quality of education much higher than what I could get in my home country, coming not only to Japan but to NUCB was the best option for me.

I can get out of my comfort zone, meet people from different countries, learn about cultures - Japanese culture specifically - and take my experience and knowledge back to Mexico.

Where did you first hear of NUCB?

I heard about NUCB through my high school when they learned about my interest in studying abroad and my senior (Maria) enrolled in 2019. I liked the school because of their case method and class schedule. I have been used to that system for some time and it works best for my learning style.

The application process was as expected, nerve-wracking, but instead of just knowledge, I could see that the examiners were also interested in other things, like my personality and how motivated I was to come to Japan and study business with NUCB.

What is your impression of the Case Method?

In high school I had experience with Model UN (MUN) debates for a few years. The MUN debates were similar to the Case Method, learning about a real-life issue, analyzing it and finding possible solutions.

People say that we learn from history because of the patterns we see, one can make predictions and create solutions to different situations just from knowing similar cases.

What has been your favorite class?

So far my favorite class has been Business Law because I felt like Prof. Anthony Townley was very enthusiastic about the subject and provided us with a lot of useful material for the understanding of the topics seen in class. The subject of business law itself is very interesting to me, I regard it as one of the most important aspects of not only business making but also daily life so I was very motivated throughout the classes.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

My favorite facility is the Library, it is a very calm place to do homework, meet with other students and study together. The atmosphere allows us to focus, work efficiently and not get distracted while also not getting as tired as we would get in other places.

Are you part of any clubs?

I am in both a club and doing a language exchange. I joined the Aikido club through a friend who made curiosity and love for sports get the best of me and made me become immediately interested in it when watching our seniors demonstrate for us. I am still a beginner but working hard to one day be as skilled as my seniors.

I am doing a language exchange with a student whose first language is Japanese and wants to practice English. My goal is to practice Japanese so we are helping each other and have created a friendship along the way.

I like how people from all over the world are sharing classes; we get to learn about the situations in their countries regarding certain issues, learn about culture, do a bit of language exchange and have overall a lot of fun sharing about ourselves and our cultures.