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Tee, Thailand


Tee (Thailand), RIS - Ruamrudee International School

Tee joined the Global BBA Program in Fall 2023 and has become a key member of our international community. He excels at bringing people together and assisting others with his Japanese proficiency. Tee enjoys playing sports, particularly golf and is often seen at the NUCB Golf Range.

Why did you want to study in Japan and NUCB?

I've always dreamed of living in Japan since I was a child, Japan's unique beauty and culture fascinated me. I first learned about NUCB from my high school counselor. I chose the Global BBA program because of its emphasis on case study, which I believe is the most effective way to learn business and build connections. The application process was smooth, albeit a bit rushed as I initially planned to attend HPU in Hawaii before following my passion for studying in Japan and deciding to enroll at NUCB.

What do you think of the case method? What has been your favorite class so far?

My initial impression of the Case Study Method was intriguing as it provided real-world scenarios, motivating me to strive harder for my future business ventures.

Currently, my favorite class at NUCB is Design Thinking, largely due to Professor Goi's teaching style. His engaging approach and class management skills compel me to pay close attention, leading to enjoyable learning experiences. The seamless flow of his lessons reflects his thorough preparation and dedication to teaching.

Also ,the network at NUCB is invaluable. Meeting students from all corners of the globe opens up endless opportunities for learning and connection-building. I'm grateful for the diverse community NUCB fosters, thanks in part to its robust exchange program.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

My go-to spot on campus is the gymnasium. I love playing sports there with friends—it's a great way to bond and build connections while staying active. One of my most memorable moments so far was competing in a basketball tournament. Although we got 5th place, so many people came to cheer on various teams, making it a really enjoyable day.